Facilities Management

Our range of in-house and time-proven experts can help you plan, manage and monitor the facilities in your organisation.

Be prepared

Whether they have a few buildings or an extensive portfolio one thing all our clients have in common is the need to know they are prepared. At Service Resources we understand the need to ensure your organisations facilities are well-maintained, and our Facilities Management systems are second to none.

Our comprehensive reports and administration processes are accurate, timely and easy to read – you’ll always know exactly what’s happening right now, and what you need to prepare for in the future. But we’re not just about the numbers, we make sure strong relationships are at the heart of everything we do and our clients enjoy working with our team of down to earth professionals.

So, if you’re ready to make managing your facilities easy give us a call today!



0800 226 700

We’re working around the clock for our clients. Our 24/7 help desk is administered by experienced professionals right here in New Zealand.

“The Service Resources team are quick to understand our needs as a client and they offer excellent technical and commercial advice.”

Carol Gould

Operations Manager, City Housing, Wellington City Council

OPEX & Budgeting Services

It takes money to keep your facilities up and running. We can help you plan your Operational Expenditure, including minimising costs, forecasting maintenance, and protecting the integrity of your asset. We don’t just do the job you pay us for we’re also looking out for your interests – our systems monitor detailed expenditure, and we’ll identify areas of continued maintenance and offer suggestions for efficiencies in time or money for the future.

We have 24/7 response for our clients emergency requirements. Our helpdesk is operated in-house so our team has full knowledge of each client’s portfolio and unique requirements at all times.

Asset Condition Report

We look at every asset from both a big picture and finer detail point of view. We use the NAMS rating system to establish the standard of each building, and individual areas within the building, then develop a plan accordingly. This numbered based system helps you quickly understand the condition of your assets, and allocate your budget based on priority. Working as the foundation of our Asset Management process, you’ll always know where your facilities stand with an Asset Condition Report. View a quick video about Asset Management at Service Resources.

Long-term Financial Planning

Buildings can be expensive assets, so we can help you plan and prepare to get the most return from every dollar. We use our Asset Condition Report to assess the condition of your facilities, and forecast expenditure based on the necessities of your business. We’ll guide you with our reports and experience as you allocate funds and plan for the future, with the confidence of knowing the value and condition of your assets throughout their lifespan.

Project Management & Clerk of Works

From the first idea through to the final stages, we can undertake project management at any phase of the process. Whether you are looking for someone with industry experience to get a tricky job finished, or want a team who can manage every part of turning your ideas into an asset, give us a call.


If you’re looking to upgrade or replace an asset, we can provide a full turn-key service. We follow these steps to ensure the project will meet your needs:

  • A full consultation to establish the options for cost efficiencies and operational requirements (now, and in the future) for each unique facility
  • Provide plans and specifications (including local body consent and risk analysis)
  • Manage the tender and procurement process
  • Provide Project Management services throughout (including progress and financial reports)
  • Protection of client’s interests throughout the process

Risk Analysis & Risk Management

We endeavour to protect you against nasty surprises. Our comprehensive Risk & QA Analysis keeps you informed about the condition of your asset or particular project, and identifies potential problems at the earliest opportunity. Any risks identified are swiftly minimised or eliminated, and we’ll keep you informed throughout the process.

Architectural & Drafting Services

From initial idea through to consent submission, our in-house Architectural & Drafting service can create the designs to meet your vision.

Quantity Surveying

Our Quantity Surveying services can establish the value of your asset or project at every stage of the process.

Local Body Consents

We can manage the entire consent process, and keep you informed every step of the way.