Greater Wellington Rail Limited (GWRL) manage and maintain the building infrastructure that supports the operations of the Passenger Rail service in the Wellington Region.

Part of the Operators responsibility involves keeping the Commuter trains clean, which includes a requirement to wash the units every two weeks at a minimum. To facilitate this GWRL maintain two wash bays- a chemical wash and a rinse bay. These two wash bays are located in the main yard at Wellington Railway Station (WRS) and are used on a daily basis.

The cladding that surrounds the wash facilities and contains the spray and run off had deteriorated over time and hadn’t been replaced since it was originally built. The cladding had become a hazard with parts of it coming loose and on high winds causing an issue with the Traction Overhead lines, meaning the power had to be turned off and the line not used. The bays are also adjacent to the main lines which form the entry to WRS and the condition was not a good look to passing commuters.

There were many complexities around the work to replace the cladding- particuarly around when we could actually get in to do the work. We could only complete the roof replacement when the Overhead Traction power was off for a long period, which was over the Xmas Block of Line (BOL), when we had 10 days to complete. For the rest of the work we had to keep the line open, which meant that the Traction Lines needed to be live. In order to work safely around these we had to build protective walls from Scaffolding and Ply inside the structure of the wash bays.

The value of this project was around $600k . The Project was completed within the tight time allowances for each part of the job and within budget.

Completed Wash building