KiwiRail were experiencing substantial water leaks- approximately 140 litres a minute- from somewhere between the mains connection and their Depot at Aotea Quay. Unfortunately the mains supply ran underneath the main entry point to Wellington Station, under multiple tracks. There was no way to confirm the exact location of the leaks, or an easy way to fix them. With this in mind the most cost effective and least disruptive solution to address the leaks was to run a completely new main in a different location. Existing fuel and gas services run through to the Depot via the pedestrian subway, this route was also chosen for the new main, which made the installation far simpler, with only one Yard track to go under.

The connection from the road to the subway is in a tenanted area, which required a large area of their car park to be dug up for the new pipe lay. This required working with the tenants and staging the works in order to cause minimum disruption to their businesses. To do the connections around the track and the depot needed liaison with the affected business units to minimise their loss of access to their track and disruption to their operations.

The work was completed within the expected time frames and on budget with minimal issues from the tenants and KiwiRail staff at the Depot. This was achieved through careful planning and good working relationships with the teams.

Installing Watermain Valves and pipe work:

Watermain installation in Subway: